[MISSHA] Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Random)

[MISSHA] Airy Fit Sheet Mask (Random)

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  • Perfect adhesion like glutinous rice cake
  • Skin-fit daily sheet mask to deliver active ingredients to the skin effectively by sticky adhesion.
  • [Potato]
    Containing potato extract with rich vitamin for dark skin due to external stimulus, it helps to make the skin radiant and soothe the sensitive skin.

    Containing lemon extract with rich vitamin for dark and dull skin, it helps to provide bright skin.


    Containing cucumber extract with high moisture content for dry skin, it helps to provide clean and moist skin.


    Containing honey extract with rich various vitamins, minerals and essential amino acid for rough and dry skin, it helps to make skin look radiant.

    [Red Ginseng]

    Containing red ginseng extract with rich nutritional ingredients for skin that has lost its strength, it helps to make skin healthy and beautiful.


    Containing pomegranate extract to help control skin elasticity for tired skin, it helps to make firm and smooth skin.

    [Shea Butter]

    Containing an excellent moisturizing shea butter extract for dry and chapped skin, it helps to build a strong skin moisturizing layer.


    Containing aloe vera extract with excellent moisturizing resistance for rough skin by dryness, it helps to strengthen the skin with forming a moisturizing layer.

    [Green Tea]

    Containing fresh green tea extract for dry skin dryness, it helps to provide moist skin.

    [Tea Tree]

    Containing tea tree extract with excellent control of skin glossy for sensitive skin due to excessive secretion of sebum, it helps to keep skin fresh and soothe sensitive skin.


    Containing pearl extract with rich minerals for rough and dark skin, it helps to make skin look smooth and radiant.


    Containing rice extract which has an excellent skin care for rough and dull skin,
    it helps to make the skin smooth and provide clean gloss.

  • - Water Type : Cucumber, Green Tea, Lemon, Aloe, Tea Tree
    - Cream Type : Potato, Red Ginseng, Pearl, Shea Butter
    - Ampoule Type : Rice, Honey, Pomegranate